Community Services


For over three decades, the Canarsie SDA Community Services Department has been a dedicated force in serving the Canarsie community. Over the years, our commitment to the well-being of the neighborhood has translated into a diverse range of services.     From organizing health fairs to homeless assistance to providing fitness classes, street cleaning initiatives, and family support services, we have consistently worked to address the diverse needs of Canarsie residents. Our overarching goal remains rooted in spiritual service, as we aspire to be instruments of the Lord's grace for everyone in the Canarsie community, with a particular focus on supporting those facing adversity. Through these years of service, we continue to strive for a community where care, compassion, and support are extended to all, especially those who may be less fortunate.




The Canarsie SDA Community Services Department faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, marking a period of unparalleled adversity. In the wake of the devastating impact on Canarsie, one of the neighborhoods profoundly affected in New York City, families grappled with grief, educational disruptions, job losses, and the struggle to meet basic family needs. Amidst this crisis, the Community Services Department took on the critical task of supporting our community during its darkest hour. Stepping up to the plate, we provided essential resources such as food, mental health support, and COVID-related assistance to those in need. Out of the urgency to address food insecurity, our food pantry emerged, becoming a lifeline for many. Thanks to the generosity of our city and private individuals, we were able to extend a helping hand during the pandemic. As we move forward, our unwavering goal is to continue providing crucial food assistance to families in need within our community, fostering hope and resilience in the face of adversity.